Secure SSH on Windows and Linux servers

Audit SSH servers with a comprehensive, automated set of best practices and security settings.

Scan for free! No CC required! Secure your SSH servers everywhere. No matter private or public cloud, physical or virtual machines.
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avoid data loss or leakage

Proactively prevent hacker attacks that exploit SSH vulnerabilities

Proactively prevent hacker attacks that exploit SSH vulnerabilities in just 24h,
hacking attempts are made on servers*

Is your server secure to receive 70 attacks per minute, with SSH as the main entry point?

Audit SSH configurations on Linux or Windows servers in less than 1 minute
Tranquility for the team just one command

Get the state-of-art SSH configuration

Just a single command, and we are ready to improve in an uncomplicated way.

Scan servers and assess SSH configuration

Like magic in a single command, Operous scans servers in private or public clouds, whether virtual machines or an EC2 on AWS.

How does it works?
Security and vulnerability assessment

Meaningful Reports

Ensure assertive visibility to vulnerabilities and possible better configurations to be improved on SSH servers.

What Operous scans?
Audit and check Linux or Windows SSH server configurations in less than 1 minute

Ensure compliance and peace of mind

In a continuous integration and deployment environment, lead your infrastructure to the next level with precise hardening.

Easily integrate with CI/CD
Visibility for all

A new member of your infrastructure team

Poorly configured servers are mainly the cause of incidents and impacts on application availability. Containers, virtual machines, private or public cloud, with Operous you achieve effective and secure operation continuously integrating with CI/CD pipelines and chats like Slack.

Scan for free! No CC required!
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Maintain your SSH servers continuously secure

Easily integrates with GitHub actions. Plug Operous to your CI/CD pipeline and scan servers continuously.

The attention with the infrastructure security cannot happen only in its provisioning. Every day more servers are provisioned, and new CVEs and configuration concerns appear. Operous has a GitHub Action that continuously checks your servers in a CI/CD pipeline.

Scan SSH Servers continuously
Enjoy the best results that Operous has to offer start in less than 1 minute

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Operous is freely available to start using in your cloud or private servers



  • 1 User
  • Up to 5 Servers
  • 100 testing minutes
  • 10 Test Suites
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  • Role-Based Access Control and Team Management
  • Windows Server support
  • Cloud provider integration (Amazon, Azure, and Google)
  • SLA and Support
  • Audit Logs
  • and much more!
SSH server vulnerability and security scanner

How to secure your Linux or Windows SSH server?

If you don’t have time or is difficult answering this question, your servers may have security issues. Operous will help your team assess SSH config problems and possible breaches on your servers.

Scan for free! No CC required!


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* Based on this report from Comparitech