Continuous quality
for your servers

Stop worrying about the lack of security and configuration errors that hinder your application.

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Optimize and prioritize your team's efforts to support and manage security risk with targeted information

With three simple steps, increase security, deploy the best configuration practices on your servers, and empower your development team.

Operous helps you to be carefree with your settings

Bring in your server

Just a single command, and we are ready to improve in an uncomplicated way.

Assurance of assertive visibility to correct problems
Uncomplicated inspection of your environment within your pipeline

Update your CI/CD flow

Add Operous to your App's pipeline. No matter which CI/CD solution you use, we will easily integrate with it.

Operous helps you unlock the DevOps journey at your company
Uncomplicated checkup and assertive visibility for your application

Discover actionable changes

Facilitate your team's decision making with a clear and consolidated view of your application server.

Essential indicators ready to support you

Your application deserves a well-configured server.

Empower your development team with a precise direction of the actions needed for optimal operational performance

  • Security and vulnerability assessment
  • Server Inspection within your CI/CD pipeline
  • Settings visibility and indicators
  • What to do, how to do it, and why to do it.
The first thing you need to do is to register your server.
Take a peek at how Operous runs tests on your servers and present the results in an actionable way for your development team.

Enjoy the best results that Operous has to offer

Automated assessment

Operous directs your team to act only in what is necessary and essential, bringing insights about your servers.

Visibility for all

No matter if your server is on-premise or public cloud, we bring indicators to scale management and ensure assertive visibility.

Tranquility for the team

Rely on our service to continuously inform your team about your servers current state and plan improvements without complications.

Uncomplicated hardening

Operous continuously suggests settings that can reduce security risks such as elevated privileges, known vulnerabilities, and weak credentials.

Improve and fix the security holes your server needs
Proactively solve your server configuration problems

Part of your team

Poorly configured servers are a large cause of incidents and impacts on application availability. Containers or virtual machines, on-premise or public cloud, we help you achieve effective operation.

Scale the capacity of your development team with automation of security settings

We understand the difficulties of effective operation,
so rest assured that Operous will help you on this journey

No technical debt
in your environment

How long and how much time your developers would need to keep up with best practices and secure configurations? How much is risk laying around your application environment?

Reduce risk and increase assertiveness in decisions related to your infrastructure

Save hours, nights, and even weekends by incorporating risk reduction into your CI/CD flow

Increase your development team’s efficiency using Operous to automatically and continuously guarantee server configuration security and best practices.

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