No instances left behind with Operous

Find out who we are, how we can help you with continuous quality, what Operous proposes and how we work to provide you with the best experience.

How frustrating is it when you face problems on the instances and cloud instances hosting your precious application? Your team is probably understaffed. The budget is running out, leaving a lot of responsibility on the developers to keep up with stuff like configuration and security.

You certainly try to do your best to get it right, but that feeling that something might be wrong or missing keeps haunting you during your sleep.

What if you could rely on someone to take your hand and guide you through this infinite, and inevitable, loop of constant change and improvement? We are working hard to create a smooth experience for you and solve that problem.

Who is behind the product?

The team behind the product is part of Instruct. Instruct is a pioneer in the DevOps space in Brazil, one of the earlier specialists in configuration management automation and infrastructure as code in the country. The company has successfully delivered projects tailored to its clients.

Some examples of our experience

  • Self-service cloud portals
  • Application pipeline creation
  • Modernization of legacy environments with configuration management
  • Automated log and monitoring analysis
  • API and microservices integrations.

With Operous, you will not worry if the configuration, performance, and security of the instances hosting your applications are up to date. Operous will continuously scan your instances in search of possible improvements and present the result in an actionable and meaningful way.

We have a long term vision and strategy for Operous. The current feature set represents the foundations under development to support a broader feature set we have envisioned on our roadmap.

Your Continuous Delivery workflow will get more robust by joining your application’s checks and tests with the quality assessment done by Operous on your instances. The primary operation mode is to use it integrated with an application CI/CD workflow at a pre or post-deployment stage scan of the instance hosting the application.

Your team’s valuable time will be much more productive with the actionable and meaningful way Operous presents its analysis results. Our team will do the heavy lifting for you, developing the best tests containing state-of-the-art practices.

We have worked thousands and thousands of hours dedicated to deploying tools for many of Instruct's clients. Even with automation tools for configuration management, it could still be a serious challenge depending on many other factors. We will deliver a great out of the box experience based on many painful projects we have worked on.

We would like to invite you to follow us on this exciting journey by subscribing to our newsletter and soon joining the closed beta of Operous!

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Proactively solve your instance configuration problems

Part of your team

Poorly configured instances are a large cause of incidents and impacts on application availability. Containers or virtual machines, on-premise or public cloud, we help you achieve effective operation.

Scale the capacity of your development team with automation of security settings

Automated assessment

Operous directs your team to act only in what is necessary and essential, bringing insights about your instances.

Visibility for all

No matter if your instance is on-premise or public cloud, we bring indicators to scale management and ensure assertive visibility.

Tranquility for the team

Rely on our service to continuously inform your team about your instances current state and plan improvements without complications.

Save hours, nights, and even weekends by incorporating risk reduction into your CI/CD flow

Increase your development team’s efficiency using Operous to automatically and continuously guarantee instance configuration security and best practices.

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