Brand Assets

Operous`s brand assets and guidelines to use the logotype, mark, and color palette.

Operous logotype


This is our logotype! Before applying it to your design, follow the simple specifications on this page.

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Operous logotype usage


  • Use the dark version of the logotype on light backgrounds.
  • The white logotype version must have only two background colors: Bluetiful or Prussian Blue.


  • Use another color than white or Prussian Blue.
  • Rotate, distort or skew the logo.
  • Apply effects like drop shadows, textures, borders, or textures.
Operous logotype clear space

Clear space

The minimum clear space is proportional to the height of the logotype`s first letter. Space ensures the logotype stands out from surrounding elements.

Operous logotype and mark minimum size

Minimum size

To preserve legibility, the logotype and mark never appear smaller than the following sizes:
Logotype: 20px high
Mark: 30px high


Operous has a sloth as a mascot. Use it separated or pair with the logotype as following:

  • The sloth's face inside the mark must have the same or a lighter color than the background color.
  • The outside circle color must be Prussian Blue, even in a dark or low contrast background color. If the background is darker than Prussian Blue, the mark must have a white border.



H 216
S 100
L 50



H 216
S 30
L 20

Dark Cornflower #003D99 216 / 100 / 30
Alice Blue #E8F0FC 216 / 80 / 95
Cadet Crayola #A3AFC2 216 / 20 / 70
Black Coral #47566B 216 / 20 / 35
Lime Green #3DCC33 116 / 60 / 50
Vermilion #E52D19 6 / 80 / 50
Baby Pink #FFD1CC 6 / 100 / 90
Deep Chestnut #B2564C 6 / 40 / 50


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* Based on this report from Comparitech